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The guest interviews provided below are online interviews that have been conducted with prominent individuals in the nuclear power industry that are knowledgeable in the development and implementation of Nuclear Inservice Inspection and Testing Programs. The questions responded to by the guests were selected from a pool of questions that yield useful information and thus are deemed to be of general interest to most companies that own or operate nuclear power plants.

All information provided in the interviews solely represents the views and opinions of the guests and is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, as stipulated in the Disclaimer and Conditions of Use for this web site.



Nuclear Plant(s)

Posting Date

Roy Hall

Constellation Energy

Calvert Cliffs, Nine Mile Point and R.E. Ginna

March 2008

Jeff Goulart

Tennessee Valley Authority


September 2006

Alex McNeill


North Anna, Surry

June 2006

Kenneth Thomas

Nebraska Public Power District


September 2005

Russ Day

PPL Susquehanna


October 2004

Charles Ross

British Energy

Sizewell B

July 2004

George Fechter

Southern Nuclear Operating Company


May 2004

Ray West

Dominion Nuclear Connecticut


November 2003

Frank Klepacki

Rochester Gas & Electric

R. E. Ginna

May 2003

Jim Staffiera - Chuck Wirtz


Perry 1

March 2003

Tom Roberts

PSEG Nuclear LLC

Salem, Hope Creek

October 2002

Robert Dolansky


Indian Point 3

August 2002

Jerry Crider

Progress Energy


June 2002

Dajun Song

Progress Energy

Shearon Harris

May 2002

Mark Ferlisi

Duke Energy

Oconee, McGuire, Catawba

March 2002

Bill Lazear

Southern California Edison

San Onofre

February 2002

Kevin Whitney

North Atlantic Energy Service


January 2002

Roy Hall

American Electric Power

D. C. Cook

December 2001

Aturo Smith

Entergy Nuclear Northeast


November 2001

Mike Blew

Progress Energy


October 2001

Doug Ramey

Energy Northwest


August 2001

Jim Connor

Progress Energy

Shearon Harris

May 2001

Ernest Throckmorton

Virginia Power (Retired)

North Anna, Surry

February 2001

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