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The Inservice Inspection Program Owner’s Group, per its charter, collects, integrates, and shares industry knowledge, resources, and products so that members may benefit from improved implementation of inservice inspection programs.  The benefits from this collaborative effort include cost reduction, error reduction, improved performance, aging workforce knowledge capture, and increased regulatory influence.

The objectives of the Group are to:

·        Provide a forum for joint discussion and resolution of issues through communication between members and other industry organizations, e.g. ASME, NEI, and NRC

·        Provide a mechanism for making recommendations on issues to industry organizations

·        Provide improved plant safety and availability through recommendations

·        Capture knowledge and experience of industry personnel and best practices in the field

·        Archive information for sharing via a membership only, accessible web share


Meetings are scheduled as needed (at least twice annually) during selected ASME Code weeks and held at a location near the Code meeting to facilitate member participation.


The Group website is for utility personnel only.  If you would like to apply for access, please contact one of the individuals below to obtain the website address, userid, and password.


Russell Turner – Chairman



James Agold – Vice Chairman



Roy Hall – Secretary


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