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ASME OM Code Meeting Notes - December 2001

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Prepared By: Ron Lippy

Company: True North Consulting

Meeting Dates: December 3, 4, & 5, 2001

Meeting Location: Clearwater, Florida


Meeting Notes

1. Inquiry OMI-00-10 on auxiliary actuating devices and 01-06 on test frequency of Class 1 devices were addressed and approved.

2. Two new issues for Relief Valves were discussed; One was the changing of the five year test interval for Class 1 valves to 6 years and, two the consideration of shelf time in the determination of start time for testing of relief valves.

3. Subgroup ISTD is reviewing the ISTD Code to check for consistency, correctness.

4. Subgroup ISTD is reviewing and revising as needed Code Case OMN-10, Snubbers.

5. The ISTD Subgroup agreed to add examination of end attachments for snubbers as it presently appears in most TS to allow adoption of OM Code ISTD in lieu of TS.

6. Subgroup ISTB met to discuss changes to ISTB associated with preservice testing requirements and potential Pump condition monitoring issues and proposals.

7. ISTC Subgroup met and discussed the incorporation of OMN-1 Code Case into ISTC as a Mandatory Appendix.

8. The ISTC Subgroup also discussed the 2-year vs. 5 year test frequency for Manual Valves and the discussion in the DRAFT Final Rule for 10 CFR 50.55a.

9. The Subgroup for AOVs did not meet this week.

10. The NRC discussed the new Regulatory Guides for Code Cases and the issuance of DRAFT Guides in the near future.

11. The OM Code Committee discussed the upcoming Pump and Valve Symposium to be held in Washington DC during July 2002.

12. The Subcommittee ISTA drafted a "Pre-Conditioning statement as requested by the NRC to be incorporated into the Code. The statement essentially states that some pre-conditioning is allowed provided that the "ability to detect and monitor degradation is NOT affected." Several individuals wanted the statement to contain "deliberate intent or sole purpose", This will be discussed further at the next Code Meeting.

13. It was announced that Richard Favreau of TVA will be the new Main Committee Chairman and that Mr. Robert Parry of Seabrook Station will be the new Subcommittee Chairman.

14. The next OM Code Meeting will be held in San Diego, California at the Town & Country Resort during the week of June 10, 2002.

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