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ASME OM Code Meeting Notes - December 2004

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Prepared By:  Ron Lippy

Company:  True North Consulting

Meeting Dates:  December, 2004

Meeting Location:  St. Petersburg, Florida

Meeting Notes

1.   ISTA/ISTC Subgroup


·        Approved Inquiry OMI-04-08 (19-0)—Regarding clarification of ISTC-3620/-3630 referring to “non-mandatory” Appendix J.  Clarified to be 10 CFR 50, Appendix J NOT Appendix J for retesting disassembled check valves (non-mandatory Appendix J in the OM Code).

·        Ballot 04-1162, Manual valve frequency of 2 years versus 5 years.  Code change to 2 years in progress.  This will eliminate NRC limitation.

·        Determined that an editorial review will be completed by ISTA prior to issuance of new Code editions/addenda.

·        Question regarding the exercising of ADS valves for BWRs to be addressed by ISTC.

·        New item to look at the possibility of placing a “grace period” in the OM Code to allow for frequency deviations.


2.   ISTB Subgroup


·        Approved Inquiry OMI-04-04 (17-2)—Regarding the “accuracy” requirements of the OM Code for vibration measurements outside the Code required frequency range (1/3 shaft speed to 1000 Hz).  Requirements are NOT applicable.

·        Approved Inquiry OMI-04-05 (18-0-1)—Regarding documentation of position of valves used to vary system resistance to achieve reference point.—Documentation not required.

·        Approved Inquiry OM-04-07 (15-2-2)—Regarding requiring ONLY one parameter to be measured for Group B pump tests in lieu of “fixing” a parameter and measuring the other parameter (dp, Flow).

·        Discussions on Exclusions/Definitions—Regarding definition/clarification of when what constitutes a Flexible Coupling —Should be incorporated into 2005 addenda of OM Code.

·        Discussion on “Design Flow Rate” determination and possible change to Comprehensive Pump Test Flow Rate.  Still some disagreement but, should be incorporated into 2005 addenda of OM Code.

·        Discussion on Group A pump tests being performed in lieu of Comprehensive Pump Tests.  Still some rather heated discussions and may be resolved in June 2005.

·        OMN-7—Risk Informed Code Case for Pumps—Code Case being updated to allow for later Code editions.

·        New Code Case—Code Case evaluated regarding “allowable range” for reference value for pumps being 2% for Group A and B and 1% for CPT.


3.   ISTD Subgroup


·        Decoupling of Snubber examinations from Section XI.  No “exam” requirements are being added to ISTD.  Should provide for a means of incorporating Snubbers into ISTD Code.

·        Code Case for extending Snubber testing interval approved.  Should be incorporated into the 2005 addenda of the OM Code.


4.   ISTE Subgroup


·        Final processes being incorporated into ISTE to “point” to IST for LSSC testing and OM Code Appendices, Code Cases for HSSC testing.  Should be approved in June 2005.


5.   Appendix 1 Subgroup


·        New Code Case for Alternate Rules for Ambient Temperature and Test Media Requirements is being developed.  Also, Code change for “ambient temperature range” being incorporated into the OM Code.  Should be incorporated in 2005 addenda.

·        New item to extend test interval from 5 years to 3 fuel cycles whichever is longer for Class 1 Safety and Relief Valves.  The Code is already performance based (i.e. 20% every 24/48 months).


6.   OM-8 (MOVs)


·        Final of OMN-1 Rev. 1, to go for approval in mid-2005.  Should be incorporated into 2005 addenda of OM Code.

·        Approved Inquiry OMI-04-06—Regarding the testing of MOVs during CSDs and ROs or On Line.

·        Information of JOG MOV Programs to be issued in 2005

·        Approx. 4-6 plants are now implementing OMN-1 for MOV testing.  Approximately 15 plants are scheduled to be incorporating OMN-1 for MOV testing in 2005.


7.   OM-19 (AOVs)


·        Still working on Mandatory Appendix III for AOVs.  Should be approved in June 2005.


8.   OM-16 (Diesel Generators)


·        National Owner’s Group meeting for D/Gs taking place in January 2005.  Some objections by Owners Groups (Cooper).  Most objections regarding the reporting requirements and test processes for D/G testing and the evaluations for extensions from monthly D/G testing.  Some progress made.


9.   NRC


·        2001 Edition 2003 Addenda of the OM Code (and Section III and XI) have been incorporated by reference into 10 CFR 50.55a.

·        The 10 CFR 50.69 has been published

·        NUREG 1482, Rev. 1 (with comments incorporated as applicable) should be available on the NRC website (also on the ISTOG website) by Spring 2005.

·        Reg Guides 1.84, 1.147, and 1.193 have been issued for public comment (8/04).  Expected issuance by Spring 2005.

·        RIS-2004-12, Clarification on use of later editions /addenda to OM/Section XI Code has been issued.  To use a later edition/addenda of the Code (incorporated into 50.55a):

                             i.      Need to submit letter to NRC notifying them of intent to use later edition/addenda

                           ii.      Need to wait for approval of NRC


Note:  This does not require a relief request to be submitted to NRC, ONLY notification of intent and brief summary.  Also, if the Code has NOT been incorporated into 10 CFR 50.55a, RELIEF REQUEST is required.  In addition, “approval” must be received by the NRC documenting this change to the Code edition/addenda.


Next OM Code Meeting will be June 6 thru June 8 2005.  Town and Country Resort in San Diego California.


Also, next winter meeting will be in December 2005 (1st Tuesday after Thanksgiving).  Location to be determined but probably Florida.

Next ISTOG meeting to be week of June 6, 2005 in conjunction with OM Code meeting in San Diego.  It was determined to have the ISTOG meetings concurrent with the OM Code meetings as much as possible.


Any questions or further clarification, contact the ISTOG website at ISTOG.net.

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