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OM Meeting Notes - January 2001

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Prepared By: Louis Lake

Company: Proto-Power Corporation

Meeting Dates: January 8 - 10, 2001

Meeting Location: Clearwater, Florida


Meeting Notes

Attended the following sessions:

1. OM Subcommittee - Tuesday, January 9, 2001

2. OM Main Committee - Wednesday, January 10, 2001



Due to other business commitments, I arrived at 12:30PM on January 9, just before the OM Subcommittee adjourned. Therefore I did not attend any subgroup or working group meetings conducted on 1/8/01 or in the morning of 1/9/01. However, I did get some information on the business conducted in the ISTB Subcommittee meeting, which is presented below.

Attended the Main Committee on 1/10/01 and a summary is presented below. The NRC presented a Status of NRC Activities of Interest to the Main Committee and that is also summarized below.


NRC Report

Risk Informed Activities - The staff is giving high priority to risk informed activities, including IST, ISI, QA, technical specifications (TS's), and addressing risk-informed criteria in 10CFR50. The NRC staff's guidance on risk-informed activities is available on the NRC homepage. The following is a summarization of risk-informed activities for IST:

1. Sequoyaha - Submitted a limited scope RI-IST relief request. This relief request addresses 18 valves in each of 2 units. A set of RAIs have been prepared and discussed.

2. Davis-Besse/B&WOG - Davis-Besse submitted a license alternative for an RI-IST program limited to AOVs, utilizing the B&WOG Topical Report BAW-2359. These submittals can be found in the NRC library known as ADAMS, Accession # ML003733348 and # ML003750949. The topical report applies the ASME RI-IST categorization Code Case OMN-3. Davis-Besse is the lead plant in this effort.

3. The NRC is planning a public meeting with interested stakeholders in February 2001 to discuss potential long-term improvements in the NRC process for endorsing the ASME Code and Code Cases.

4. Seventh NRC/ASME Symposium on Pump and Valve Testing - is being planned to be held in the Summer of 2002 in Washington DC.

5. NRC INFO Notice 2000-21- Detached Check Valve Disc not Detected by Use of Acoustic and Magnetic Nonintrusive Test Techniques


ISTB Subcommittee on Pumps

The Subgroup met on 1/8/01. The subcommittee members indicated that it was a very productive meeting and a number of action items got closed. In addition, the following information was obtained:

1. "White Paper" on pump preservice testing requirements (Action Item # P00-03) was discussed and revisions made. Action to be taken at the next meeting.

2. Published OM Code Interpretations 99-2 and 99-4 were discussed. There are concerns that the replies are incorrect. The reply to 99-2 should be "No, but for the case of system modification, the requirements of Code paragraph 4.5 must be used", and the reply to 99-4 should be "No" because the Code words "Where system resistance cannot be varied..." is explicit and does not address the practicality of performing the test.

3. Code change to ISTB-1200 (a). Proposed revision to paragraph (a) to read "a driver that is connected to a pump by a flexible coupling".

4. Code change to ISTB-2000. Add the following definition; "Flexible Coupling - A device that connects the driver shaft to the pump shaft and transmits torque but no radial or axial loading into the pump".

5. Code change to ISTB-3540 (a)&(b). Replace with the following; "On centrifugal and vertical line shaft pumps, measurements shall be taken in a plane approximately perpendicular to the rotating shaft in two approximately orthogonal directions on each accessible bearing housing. One measurement shall also be taken in the axial direction on the thrust bearing housing. If the bearing housing is inaccessible, the measurements shall be taken on a part of the casing, rigidly connected to the bearing housing, and as close as practical to the bearing". A White Paper accompanied this proposed change.


OM Subcommittee

This was the first meeting under the new organization as a Subcommittee. The chairman, Richard Favreau from TVA, also was acting as Secretary. He indicated that he would continue as acting secretary until further notice. The membership of the committee was reviewed and along with information on the selection process. The new organization along with committee reporting relationships is included in the agenda. Basically all of the old working groups became subgroups reporting to an OM subcommittee, which in turn reports to the OM Main Committee. The OM Main Committee is the only consensus committee.


OM Main Committee

After much discussion the Main Committee approved making OMN-1 mandatory. It will take a few years to incorporate the requirements of OMN-1 into the Code and therefore it is not an immediate concern. However, by making the requirement mandatory, the diagnostic testing currently included in a plants MOV 89-10 program will become required for MOV testing and stroke-timing of MOVs will no longer be used as an acceptable test method.

Another topic receiving a great deal of discussion was the scope of MOVs included in the IST Program. Currently the scope of IST programs include Nuclear Class 1, 2 and 3 motor operated valves that have an active function in shutting down the reactor to a safe-shutdown condition, maintaining the reactor in safe shut-down, and mitigating the consequences of an accident. There is disagreement by some utilities whether the scope included in their MOV 89-10 Program is the same as the IST Program.


Next Meeting

June 4, 5 and 6, 2001

Holiday Inn Alexandria, VA.

480 King Street

Alexandria, VA 22314


Room Rate: $140

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