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ASME OM Code Meeting Notes - January 2003

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Prepared By: Ron Lippy

Company: True North Consulting

Meeting Dates: January 6, 7, & 8, 2003

Meeting Location: New Orleans, Louisiana


Meeting Notes

Appendix 1 Subgroup

  • Craig Sellers resigned as Chairman of Appendix 1.
  • Adele DiBiasio to become Chairperson of Appendix 1.
  • Discussed Cold Differential Test Pressure Temp. Correlation to come up with "normal temperature range" and allow use of vendor guidance.—Still in discussion.
  • Discussions held concerning Thermal Equilibrium and ambient temperature.
  • Consideration of shelf time in the determination of start time for testing of RVs.
  • Discussion concerning 6 years IST frequency in lieu of 5 years for PRDs (to account for 24 month cycles.
  • Decision to allow OMN-2 and OMN-5 to expire. Incorporated into OM 1998 edition.
  • Worked on Code concerns/errata supplied by Ron Lippy.
  • Discussion of RI for Thermal RVs.

ISTC Subgroup

  • Valve Remote Position Indication Verification was presented by Ron Lippy, discussion was held concerning the requirement to provide RPI for Passive valves. Position paper on further guidance concerning RPI and requirements to be presented at next OM Code meeting.
  • Stroke time of "quick acting" (valves which stroke between 2-4 seconds), valves was discussed and whether or not a Code change is needed to address this issue similar to rapid acting valves. Not much support from subgroup on this.
  • Worked on Code concerns/errata supplied by Ron Lippy.
  • OMN-12, RI for AOVs Code Case issued and discussion as to how to incorporate into Code (i.e. non-mandatory Appendix similar to CVs or Mandatory Appendix similar to RVs).
  • NRC has concerns on RI AOVs regarding DBR for LSSCs.
  • OM-22 working on revision for Appendix II—Clarification of certain criteria regarding frequency of testing for CVs and what actions required if CV fails after incorporated into Appendix II.
  • OMN-3 Rev. 1 submitted for approval.
  • Discussion on combining ISTA and ISTC Subgroups.

ISTB Subgroup

  • Discussion on pump vibration and incorporating the S/G into the ISTB/OM Code or at least have participation from the S/G (Howard Maxwell).
  • White paper and proposed Code changes related to Pre-service Testing (DRAFT 3) presented. Essentially to clarify when Pre-service Testing is required and when.
  • Discussion involving "repair" and "replacement", baseline pump curves.
  • Discussion on why Comprehensive Pump testing is required for BWRs?
  • Discussion on the Reference Value for pumps being within +/- 20% of Design Flow.
  • What is Design Flow? BEP? Accident Analysis? Design value calculated during construction/purchase?
  • Discussion on Condition Monitoring for Pumps.
  • Worked on Code concerns/errata supplied by Ron Lippy.

Subcommittee OM Codes

  • Ron Lippy elected to SCOMC
  • By a vote of 10 to 8 with several abstentions it was determined to bring the DG Standard into OM Code space under SCOMC.
  • NRC working on revision to NUREG 1482. No word as to when ready but shooting for end of 2003.
  • Pump & Valve Symposium to be held in Washington, DC June 21 through 23 2004.
  • NRC discussion of RI 10 CRF 50.55 and DRAFT final rule for 10 CFR 50.69.
  • Discussion with QME-1 (Qualification Specification for Active Valves) and Subgroups to review QME documents and to work closer together for consistency of terms and test/examination requirements.
  • Discussed RI for snubbers with EPRI.
  • DRAFT ISTE discussed and submitted to SCOMC and MC for review and comment.
  • NRC (Imbro) discussed concern associated with categorization of snubbers. Possible to inappropriately categorize snubbers as LSSC. ASME disagreed and sent response to NRC.
  • Next Code meeting to be in June 9-11 in Phoenix, Arizona at the Old Town Hotel.

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