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ASME OM Code Meeting Notes - June 2002

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Prepared By: Ron Lippy

Company: True North Consulting

Meeting Dates: June 10, 11, & 12, 2002

Meeting Location: San Diego, California


Meeting Notes

1. ROM 00-07 regarding the method of testing of the RV and the auxiliary actuator for Main Steam Safety Valves was discussed and will be brought up at the next OM Code meeting.

2. ROM 01-01 regarding the Cold Differential Pressure testing issue with safety and relief valves was discussed and an attempt was made to establish a minimum dp where the temperature would NOT affect the outcome of the SV/RV setpoint. The final resolution will be presented at the next OM Code meeting. The consensus was that a dp less than 125 degrees was acceptable. Also, a discussion was held regarding the acceptance of vendor information.

3. ROM 01-02 regarding the 2 year frequency testing and vacuum relief valve inclusion, was closed and will appear in the 2002 addenda of the OM Code.

4. Discussion was held regarding the incorporation of OM Code Case OMN-1 (MOVs) into the Code as a Mandatory Appendix (III). It was determined to leave the Code Case in place in lieu of incorporation into the Code at this time due to the significant number of concerns raised (both technical and administrative).

5. OM-19 (AOVs) did NOT meet this week.

6. OM-22 (Appendix II, Check Valves) determined that qualifications for test personnel will be evaluated by NIC and comments will be forwarded to ISTC for discussion.

7. OM Code committee and the ISA (Instrumentation Society of America) will evaluate possible collaboration of instrumentation issues in the OM Code and determine whether a joint working group will help resolve these and if a joint working group is feasible.

8. PRA Standard has been issued and the NRC expects to approve by June 2003.

9. ROM 97-01 on Rapid Acting Valves was evaluated and it was determined to look at valves which operate between the 2-4 second range.

10. ISTC subgroup will review and evaluate the Code position on Position Indication Testing.

11. ISTA subgroup is again re-writing the "Pre-Conditioning" paper for possible incorporation into the Code. Again the general consensus is that pre-conditioning is allowed when the pre-conditioning does NOT affect the ability to detect and monitor for component degradation. Much discussion was held regarding the "sole purpose or intent". ISTA is tasked with presenting a final DRAFT for pre-conditioning at the next Code meeting.

12. NRC stated that the FINAL RULE for 10 CRF 50.55a endorsing the 1998 edition / 2000 addenda of the OM (and Section XI) Codes will be issued in September 2002.

13. There was a draft inquiry concerning PORV setpoint testing which is being evaluated.

14. Two new Code Cases involving RI-IST on SRVs and Thermal Reliefs

15. The DRAFT RGs for Code Cases should be issued by June 2003 but the NRC is trying to pull this date back to 2002.

16. Discussion was held concerning the DRAFT 10 CFR 50.69. The so called "Option Two Rule". South Texas uses a similar "rule" for various programs including ISI, IST, procurement and Appendix J, among others. Essentially the Option Two Rule provides a three-pronged approach. Essentially the rule states that Risk Category 1 and 2 are tested per approved ASME Code Cases( OMN-3, etc.) and ensures that all requirements of OMN-3 are met, two states that Risk Category 3 and 4 are NOT within the Scope of OM Code and three that the test methods in the OM Code cases (or equivalent) are used. This regulation deals with the requirements for testing components using a Risk Informed Methodology.

17. Several miscellaneous comments/suggestions were made to the ISTA, ISTB, and ISTC subgroups.

18. Discussion was held concerning the IST Pump and Valve Symposium to be held in Washington DC at the Renaissance Hotel on July 15-18. All IST personnel and others are encouraged to attend. This is the 7th Symposium held jointly by the NRC and ASME for Pump and Valve Testing.

19. Some discussion was held regarding future Licensing activities for new power plants.

20. It was announced (Dick Emrath) that the decision was made to restart Browns Ferry Unit One.

21. The next OM Code meeting will be in New Orleans, LA. in January 2003 at the Monteleone Hotel during the week of January 6, 2003.

22. Future OM Code Meetings are as follows:

  • July 15-18, 2002, ASME/NRC Symposium on Testing of Pumps & Valves.
  • June 9-11, 2003—Phoenix, Arizona.
  • December 1-3, 2003—Boca Raton, Florida.

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