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Section XI Meeting Notes - February 2001

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Prepared By: Dajun Song

Company: Progress Energy

Meeting Dates: February 12 - 15, 2001

Meeting Location: San Francisco, California


Meeting Notes

General Announcements

1. ISI/NRC Symposium (PV&P Conference) will be held in Atlanta, GA. 7/23 – 7/27, 2001.

2. Next Section XI meeting. Pittsburgh, PA. William Penn Hotel (412) 281-7100. 5/14/00 – 5/17/00 ($136.00/night). Please make your reservations by 4/17/01.

3. NRC Report

- Risk Informed IST submittal. Sequoyah submitted a RI-IST application to NRC. It is limited scope for approximately 80 valves.

- Next update to 10CFR50.55a will include 2000 Addenda of Section XI. Will be out for public comment around September 2001. Final by Fall of 2002.

- Approval of Code Cases will stay in Reg. Guide 1.147. Out for public comment around late summer 2001. Final by spring of 2002. This will include up to Supplement 10.

4. ASME web site. For latest code committee activities.

5. TG on Snubbers. Still trying to work with ISTD. O&M is trying to work with the NRC to resolve two issues; 1) O&M does not envelop reactor coolant boundary, and 2) No VT-3 requirement in OM Code (ISTD).

6. Two new Task Groups formed.

- TG on Owners Reporting Requirements (IWA-6000 and Code Case N-532). Will meet on Wednesdays. Chairman is yet to be determined.

- TG on Scope of Applicability of Section XI. Chairman is yet to be determined.

7. Plant Life Extension. Top five issues the NRC is facing concerning plat life extension: 1) cast austenitic stainless steel, 2) inaccessibility of containment, 3) inaccessible sub-foundation in containment, 4) FAC, and 5) stress corrosion cracking.

8. Task Group on Cast Stainless Steel. Code Case was developed (similar to pump casing weld) to address examination. However, the item failed SGE&S. TG will look at alternative examination method, and report at next meeting.

9. Permanent filing of White Paper is being discussed. Warren Bamford is point of contact.

10. The following Code Case was reaffirmed (through SGWCS); N-613

11. The following Code Case was reinstated (through SGWCS). It was annulled inadvertently; N-534

12. Beginning with the 2001 Edition, both English and metric units will appear in the Code.

Code Committee Protocol

A quick lesson on code committee protocol. Typically, a code item starts at Task Group (TG) level and must work its’ way through BNCS before utilities can use them. Here is the pecking order.

TG – Task Group

WG – Working Group

SG – Subgroup

SC XI – Subcommittee Section XI

MC – Main Committee (Items can still pass with 2 negative votes if it’s a "second
consideration" vote.)

BNCS – Board of Nuclear Codes and Standards

Some popular "Groups";

TG ISIO – ISI Optimization

WG ISC – Inspection of Systems and Components

WG RBI – Risk Based Inspection

WG PT – Pressure Test

WG IWE/IWL – Containment

SG WCS – Water Cooled Systems

SG NDE – Nondestructive Evaluation

SG RRM – Repair, Replacement, and Modifications

Code Committee Items

1. Code Case N-307-3 was approved by BNCS. It should be published in the next Supplement. This revision adds words from 2000 Addenda that allows either a volumetric OR surface examination to be performed on category B-G-1 closure studs when removed. Very good code case.

2. Revision to Code Case N-508-1 (Rotation of Serviced Snubbers and Pressure Relief Valves for the Purpose of Testing) and IWA-4132 passed BNCS, and will be published in 2001 Edition (and next supplement for Code Case). This revision eliminates the requirement to pressure test rotated pressure relief valves. Again, this is a very good code case.

3. Code revision to incorporate Class 2 set-on nozzle configuration with austenitic material passed SC XI.

4. Proposed Code Case N-600, Sharing of Welder Performance Qualifications, passed SC XI. This allows an Owner to accept performance qualifications from other Owners. Another good code case.

5. A code change and proposed Code Case to Appendix VIII, Supplement 2 to include provisions for piping examination from the inside surface passed SC XI.

6. A code change and proposed Code Case to Appendix VIII, Supplement 11 to allow the use of samples from the existing Boiling Water Reactor Owners Group qualification program, and revises the sizing acceptance criteria to be consistent with piping supplements 2, 3, and 12 passed SC XI. Good code case.

7. A proposed code case to perform VT-1 exam in lieu of volumetric exam on nozzle inner radius of RPV passed BNCS. Will be published with next Supplement. Another good code case.

8. Proposed Code Case, "Alternative to Augmented Examination Requirements of IWE-2500." This action will provide an alternative to visual and ultrasonic thickness measurement examination requirements of IWE-2500. At BNCS.

9. Proposed code change to eliminate SG tube examination requirements, Examination Category B-Q, failed SC XI. The Committee wanted a more simple approach to eliminating this requirement.

10. Rewrite of IWA-5240 for clarification and incorporation of Code Case N-533-1 into the code passed BNCS. Code Case allows the Owner to perform VT-2 on borated systems with the insulation still on the component (Class 1, 2, and 3). This rewrite will be published in 2001 Edition.

11. Proposed code change. Adds the following words to the open flow path test, "Test personnel need not be qualified for VT-2 examination." Passed SGWCS.

12. IWL was revised to add Repair/Replacement requirements. It specifies requirements for concrete, tendon selection for examination and exemptions. This item passed SGWCS.

13. Proposed Code Case to eliminate surface examination of socket welds. Passed SGWCS. Very good code case, but I don’t think this has a chance of getting approved through BNCS. I think they will defer examination of socket welds to Risk-Informed application. Hope I am wrong and it gets approved through BNCS.

14. Proposed code change to defer leakage test for IWE on only welds connecting components NPS 1 or smaller to pressure retaining boundary penetrations. Current code words imply that even leakage test on one inch containment penetrations can be deferred. This will make the code consistent with Appendix J and Reg. Guide 1.163. Passed SGWCS

15. Proposed Code Case - addresses examination requirement for bolting in piping, clarify selection criteria and provide consistency between the Class 1 and Class 2 examination methods passed MC. Good code case.

16. WGISC opened a new item. Performing preservice on Class 1 components for only the ones selected for inservice inspection. This is consistent with Class 2 rules. Very beneficial to us all.

17. TGISIO is working on an item to eliminate volumetric examination of Regenerative (Regen.) and Residual Heat Removal (RHR) Heat Exchangers, and replace with VT-2. Some utilities already have relief to perform VT-2, and some exempt the Regen. based on size (if it’s Class 2). We have an opportunity to save on dose.

18. WGGR is working on an item to eliminate the requirement to submit 90 day reports to the NRC.

19. TGISIO is working on a proposed code case to limit the examination of Class 1 and 2 vessel welds to inner 1/3 and eliminate the surface exam.

20. TGISIO is working on an item to use the boric acid walk down to satisfy pressure test requirements. This will be limited to borated systems, and the system need not be pressurized. Very good item.

21. TGISIO is still working on extending the RPV inspection interval.

22. TGISIO is working on revising the current VT-2 and VT-3 requirements back to the level stipulated in 1989 Edition. In later Editions of the Code, the VT-2 and VT-3 has gotten more stringent.

23. An interesting requirement inquiry was brought up at the Inquiry Session. It deals with examination of hangers on Class 2 piping with nominal wall thickness of less than 3/8 inches. This question applies to users of Code Case N-491, and Code Edition 1990 Addenda and beyond. It was agreed that the hangers are not exempt and should be included in the SCOPE of examination. It is not a requirement to select these hangers for examination. See Inquiry section for more details.

Inquiry Session

Note: To expedite the Code Inquiry process, all inquiries must be received by the ASME office (Oliver Martinez, Secretary) two weeks prior to the Code meeting.

The following Requirement Inquires was approved.

1. Question. Is it a requirement of IWA-6000 of Section XI, Division 1, 1989 Edition and later Edition and Addenda that the Form NIS-2 include entry information (See Form NIS-2, item 6) on the item/component that is being replaced in addition to the entry information on the replacement item/component to be installed at the location of the item removed?

Reply. YES.

2. Question. Do the provisions of Code Case N-641 apply to a BWR?

Reply: NO. Code Case N-641 provides criteria for enabling Low Temperature Overpressure Protection Systems (LTOPS), which are not used for BWR reactors.

3. Question. When performing inservice examinations on ferritic piping welds using procedures qualified in accordance with Appendix VIII, is it a requirement to always perform all the scans utilized in demonstration of the procedure that is being used?

Reply. NO, in accordance with Tables IWB-2500-1, Category B-J and IWC-2500-1, Category C-F-2, only those welds showing reportable preservice transverse indications need to be examined for reflectors transverse to the weld length direction (i.e., circumferentially scanned).

4. Question. Are Class 2 supports under Item Number F1.20 on piping greater than NPS 4 but less than 3/8" nominal wall thickness exempt from examination?

Reply. NO, unless the piping is exempt under IWC-1220.

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