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ASME Section XI Meeting Notes (Inquiry Session) November 2008

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Prepared By: Steve Brown, P.E.

Company: Entergy Services Incorporated

Meeting Date: November 12, 2008

Meeting Location: Los Angeles, California

Meeting Notes

Several Interpretations are on the tracking list that did not have action. The following items were discussed in detail or had action.


08-507 provided a series of emails on the technical merit of the analyses methods used in Section XI. This item is not likely to be treated as an inquiry because it's not asking what the code says, but is centered on a discussion of the basis for the code.


08-1231 Inquiry dealing with pressure test requirements of IWA-4540(a) This is a two question inquiry.


Question 1: Following a repair/replacement activity on a Class 1 component, between the first and second isolation valves, may the pressure test of IWA-4540(a) be performed with the valves in the position required for normal reactor startup, even if the volume between the valves is not pressurized during the VT-2 visual examination?


Proposed Reply 1: No.


Discussion of question 1 indicated strong support for requiring pressurization of the repair weld. Additionally, an action has been opened to revise IWA-4540(a) to clarify the requirements in Working Group Design and Programs under Sub Group Repair and Replacement.


Question 2: Does IWA-4540(a) require a pressure test and VT-2 visual examination for repair/replacement activities on components outside the boundary of IWC-5222(a) or IWD-5240(a) (or IWD-5222(a) starting with the 2004 Edition), or for open-ended discharge piping?


Proposed Reply 2: No. See also XI-1-89-30.


Discussion of question 2 indicated that there is more confusion on this issue, largely due to consistency issues with IWA-5000. After discussion, the inquirer withdrew question 2.


Question 1 was approved with the reply of "no".


08-1430 Inquiry Related to Code Case N-722


Question: Is it the intent of Table 1, Examination Categories, Class 1 PWR Components containing Alloy 600/82/182, Reactor Vessel, Item No. B15.100 Instrument connections, that for leakage detection systems that these components be included for examination if they do not contain reactor coolant during normal plant operation?


Proposed Reply: No.


Discussion: The proposed code change adds a note to Item No. B15.100 Instrument Connections to clarify that visual examinations are not required for flange seal leak-off lines.


Approved with the proposed reply.

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