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ASME Section XI Meeting Notes (Introduction to the ASME Code) November 2008

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Prepared By: Steve Brown, P.E.

Company: Entergy Services Incorporated

Meeting Date: November 10, 2008

Meeting Location: Los Angeles, California

Meeting Notes

In attendance - 34 Persons approximately 20 new to the code.


1st Presenter Bryan Erler Vice President Nuclear Codes and Standards


        Brief History of the ASME BPV Code


        Code Content and Structure


o       Construction


         Section I Power Boilers

         Section III Nuclear Pressure Components (originally locomotives)

         Section IV Heating Boilers

         Section VIII Pressure Vessels


o       Service


         Section II Materials

         Section V NDE

         Section IX Welding and Brazing

         Section XI ISI


o       Details on Section III


         NCA General Requirements

         NB Class 1

         NC Class 2

         ND Class 3

         NE Containment

         NF Supports

         NG Core Support Structures

         NH Elevated Temperatures

         Div II Concrete containments

         Div III Transport containers?


Probabilistic Risk Assessment RA-S

Nuclear Quality Assurance NQA-1

Qualification of Mechanical Equipment QME-1

Overhead and Gantry Cranes - NOG-1

Underhung and Monorail Cranes - NUM-1

Air and Gas Treatment AG-1

Operation and Maintenance OM (IST etc)

Standards and Guides - SG


Requirements for Code include:



        Can be empirical

        Can be analytical

        Can provide specific details


BPV Code is NOT a Handbook


BPV Code evolves over time to adjust to industry need.


2nd Presenter Carol Moyer(?) NRC Explanation of regulatory processes for incorporation of industry codes.


Presentation was from slides used for a Westinghouse class earlier.


3rd Presenter Chris Sanna ASME Technical Staff Topic development of codes and standards.


4th Presenter Ralph Hill Section III


  • Div 1 Traditional
  • Div 2 Concrete Containments
  • Div 3 Transport containments


  • Div 1 and 2 NCA General Requirements
  • Class 1 NB Primary core cooling system
  • Class 1 NH Components that are used in elevated temperature service
  • Class 2 NC
  • Class 3 ND
  • Class MC NE
  • Supports NF
  • Core Support Structure NG


Materials (NX-2000), design (NX-3000), fabrication (NX-4000), examination (NX-5000), inspection (NX-5000), testing (NX-6000), overpressure protection (NX-7000), certification (NX-8000).


5th Presenter Rick Swayne Section XI

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