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ASME Section XI Meeting Notes (Subcommittee) November 2008

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Prepared By: Steve Brown, P.E.

Company: Entergy Services Incorporated

Meeting Date: November 13, 2008

Meeting Location: Los Angeles, California

Meeting Notes

Administrative Announcements


Starting with the February meeting, Section XI will be a Standards Committee instead of a Subcommittee.


A moment of silence was held for past committee members who have passed away.


The meeting schedule for February was reviewed. The following changes were made to the scheduling requirements:


1.      The Task Team for Alloy 600 will not meet in the morning; however, the TG for Alloy 600 will meet in the afternoon.

2.      A meeting for the Task Group meeting dealing with buried piping was added on Monday.

3.      There will be a meeting on welding best practices Tuesday 1-5 PM.

4.      On Thursday there will be a Standards Committee Administrative meeting on Thursday morning from 8-9.

5.   The Section XI Standards Committee will meet starting at 9.

6.      Several groups clarified contact information, times, and other support requirements related to scheduling rooms and resources.


During the Action Item discussions, the secretary brought up an issue with how we print word documents. The preferred formatting for showing changes is strike out and underline. The balloon format should not be used.


Action items


BC 06-1625 Proposal to revise IWB-2420, IWC-2420, and IWD-2420 to add the requirement for additional examinations when new flaws or significant changes are observed during successive examinations. Editorial (grammar) changes were read in to address comments from standards committee.


BC 07-903 Code Case N-765 with proposed changes to IWA-2430 and IWA-2431 dealing with changes to interval scheduling. Editorial changes from last meeting were approved to address standards committee concerns.


BC 07-2027 Negative from G. Park addressed and item was reaffirmed on 2nd consideration.


BC 08-09 Comments on code case N-770 providing pre-service and inservice examination requirements for alloy 82/182 butt welds were discussed. The following two issues dominated initial discussion:


1. Discussion ensued on whether or not optimized weld overlays (OWOLs) should be treated as stress improvement or should have additional credit provided for the structural benefit of the OWOLs. It was pointed out that the code case for requirements on OWOLs has not been finalized. Additionally, it was brought out that the main issue with the current code case N-770 is that it treats OWOL's more as stress improvement only without recognizing the additional structural benefits of OWOLs. Negatives were withdrawn with the understanding that N-770 would be revisited once the requirements for OWOLs were finalized in the related code case (N-754).


2. Confusion exists on mid-level (sub-group) committees on whether or not OWOLs were included in N-770. It appeared to be the consensus that N-770 would be applicable to OWOLs. Straw votes indicated the majority of the members previously held that view, but that a significant minority did not understand OWOLs to be addressed by the coded case in previous actions.


It was noted that mitigation code cases will reference N-770 for inspection requirements.


Discussion was delayed until after a break and the committee moved on to BC 08-63. After return from the break, the committee stepped through the editorial changes to code case N-770 to address comments made in balloting.


Action passed 28-0-0-0


BC 08-63 Imprecise Wording action for Pressure Testing Objections to changing wording to "relevant condition" were raised as these items were seen as more ambiguous than the original. The item proceeded on 2nd consideration with 2 negatives.


BC 08-62 No Action at Section XI this meeting. Item is being reworked with technical changes.


BC 08-538 Clarification of Requirements in Paragraphs 4.2.6 and 4.2.9 in Supplement 1 of Appendix R Changes made to address the negatives from Section XI on last vote were presented. With additional editorial changes, the item passed unanimously.


BC 08-614 Code Case N-508-4 reference rotation of snubbers and pressure retaining items for the purposes of testing or preventive maintenance This item received a negative due to formatting of the changes in Word (Balloon display versus strikethrough and underline). Passed 28-1-0-0 on second consideration.


BC 05-685 Changes to IWL to address below grade concrete degradation After presentation and editorial changes (removal of "description of" and "description and" in IWL-2512 numbers 1-5), the item passed unanimously with a vote of 29-0-0-0.


BC 06-56 Item establishing requirements for examination of SG tubing within Section XI Action on the item was postponed until the next meeting.


BC 08-1430 Intent Inquiry on Item B15.100 for code case N-722 with appropriate code change to the code case. After discussion the item passed with a vote of 27-0-1-1.


BC 08-435 Revisions to Acceptance Standards for Class 2 Allowable Planar Flaws A technical basis document (PVP2008-6170 published in the Proceedings of PVP2008) for changes to application of the "y" factor and other changes was provided as justification for the changes. The item passed unanimously with a vote of 29-0-0-0.


BC 08-1139 Clarification of NDE Practical Examination Requirements Significant discussion occurred on the degree of correctness for the table due to negative comments it was sent back to Sub-Group for addressing the negatives.


BC 08-700 Revisions to IWA-4131.1, IWA-4132, and IWA-4133 The action clarifies acceptable provisions for use in installing mechanical clamps. After presentation and brief discussion, the action passed 27-0-2-0.


BC 07-815 Revision to IWA-3100 to allow later use of code for evaluations. No action was brought forward due to ongoing changes to the item.




NRC Report


  • Reported on effort of NRC to have timely completion of rule making activities.
  • A listing of the new reactors status of COL's and Early site permits is provided in the written report.
  • The Office of Research move in Nov 2008 was discussed.
  • Other items were also discussed.


BNCS Task Group on Regulatory Endorsement Liaison Report


  • Written report provided in agenda.
  • Discussion on education outreach indicated that some facilities were considering construction of a new research reactor (Pebble Bed at Savanna River)




  • I&E guidelines for reactor internals
  • NDE guidelines in process




  • 2009 conference will be last week of July in Prague, Cech Republic.
  • Encouraged to present papers




Update on Earthquake Experience in Japan (Chueu-Oki Earthquake of July 16, 2007)


The earthquake exceeded the design basis earthquake. Units 6 and 7 may start up soon, the remainder of the plants are further behind on potential restart. The presentation provided:


        An update on the status of inspections that were required to address concerns arising from the earthquake.

        Details on establishing a new design basis earthquake and a summary of the impact on the analysis for the plant.

        Comparisons of the calculation methods for stress and the impact on design margins.

        Summary of details on simulations to explain observed failure of a universal joint.


Presentation on Reorganization of the Standards Committees


A detailed presentation on the new organization becoming effective in February was made.

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