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ASME Section XI Meeting Notes (Subgroup on Water-Cooled Systems) November 2008

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Prepared By: Steve Brown, P.E.

Company: Entergy Services Incorporated

Meeting Date: November 12, 2008

Meeting Location: Los Angeles, California

Meeting Notes

Steve Brown sat in as alternate for Marvin Coats




Personnel Changes in Subgroup Water-Cooled


        Ken Thomas to be chair of Water-Cooled starting in Feb.

        James Agold becoming chair of ISC

        Mark Ferlisi changing to working group ISC

        Fred Potet joining working group containment


Next meeting in Montreal Quebec on 4 Feb 2009


Section XI is becoming a standards committee starting in Feb. The executive committee is looking at moving Working Group meetings to Wednesday's and Sub Group meetings to Thursdays.




Appendix X has been revised to be applicable to upper and lower penetration nozzles, but the title still reads Upper.




NRC Report


  • Corrections being worked for the rule making on NDE flaws and a couple of other items.
  • October 22, RIS 2008-025(?) on DM Butt Welds includes items for new plants.
  • HDPE piping approved for use at Callaway and Catawba for class 3 applications.
  • The office of research is being moved to a new building in November. Emails remain the same, but telephone numbers and mail stops change.
  • Significant discussion ensued on the NRC's effort to improve rulemaking cycle times.


NPAM Nuclear Plant Aging Management - summarized report to be provided to the secretary. They are looking forward to getting an NRC representative.


TG on SG Tube examinations is back on the table.


Cast Stainless Steel ET code case before the standards committee. UT code case should be at water cooled in the May 09 meeting. Working with French on UT/acoustics.


Risk Based Meeting between NRC and Industry on risk based applications for new plants.


Alloy 600


  • N-770 reaffirmed
  • Action item to address restrictions on N-729-1
  • Action item to address restrictions on N-722
  • Action item to review overlapping between code cases.


Working Group Optimization two items cancelled several items working.


International Reports


British Energy report forwarded to the secretary for inclusion in the minutes.


  • British Energy in process of being taken over by EDF. Looking at new nuclear in the UK.
  • Sizewell looking at scoping study for risk informed ISI study anticipate significant issue with regulator on risk informed.
  • Operability review at Sizewell B indicated no immediate concerns however long term issues reported with DM welds.


Japan Written report provided to group from Tomonori Nomura


  • Reported the items reported at the Alloy 600 meeting. Report provided update on the indications found in Japanese SG nozzle DM welds and on the actions taken in Japan to address the issues.


Gas Reactors - Rewrite of IGA 2000 in progress. IGA 2000 will be brought forward when complete.


BNCS TG on Regulatory Endorsement Report written report provided by Ray West. Included discussion s on the NRC efforts and educational outreach among others.


Code Cases No Actions this meeting.


Inquiries to be addressed after code items.


Code Items for Section XI


Discussed corrections needed for BC 06-1625 (Agenda E Additional Examinations for Class 1 and 2) to proceed at Section XI. Corrections were editorial in nature.

Discussed corrections needed for BC 07-903 (Agenda H Inspection Interval Adjustment) to proceed at Section XI. Corrections were minor and editorial in nature.


Discussed corrections to BC 08-538 (Agenda N Clarification to Supplement 1 of Appendix R) to address numerous negatives from Section XI based on the clarity of the changes.


Several items are being addressed at Section XI and were briefly mentioned but required no formal action or detailed discussion.


Agenda item M on imprecise wording for pressure testing was reaffirmed.




07-06 no action


07-012 no action


08-1430 Inquiry related to code case N-722.


Question: Is it the intent of Table 1, Examination Categories, Class 1 PWR Components Containing Alloy 600/82/182, Reactor Vessel, Item No. B15.100 Instrument connections, that for leakage detections systems that these components be included for examination when they do not contain reactor coolant during normal plant operation?


Reply: No


Straw vote: Passed with NRC abstention and two non-voting.


Supporting code action revised code case N-722 to add a note to the B15.100 exams exempting flange seal leak off lines - approved 19-0-0-0.


08-1231 Inquiry related to pressure testing requirements of IWA-4540(a) and IWA-5000. Several iterations of straw votes were taken. The group was clear that welded repairs should be pressurized for pressure testing, however there was significantly less consensus on what the actual requirements of code are and several members supported changing this to an intent inquiry.


Additional Actions with Code Items


BC 06-888 Action closed.


BC 08-038 Code case for alternative requirements to additional examinations for Class 2 and Class 3 items. Comments for improving the code case were received. Ken Thomas will be revising and bringing the item back to committee.


BC 08-1125 Proposed changes to IWE for Imprecise Wording The changes were discussed by the sub-group. As a result the note on bottom of IWE-2311 the section dealing with IWE-2500-1, E-C were removed from the action. Item passed 20-0-0-0.


BC 08-1126 Proposed changes to IWL for Imprecise Wording The changes were discussed. The note on ACI 101.1R was removed. The note on illumination action was removed. Item passed 20-0-0-0.

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