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ASME Section XI Meeting Notes (Working Group on ISI Optimization) May 2009

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Prepared By: Steve Brown, P.E.

Company: Entergy Services Incorporated

Meeting Date: May 11, 2009

Meeting Location: San Diego, California

Meeting Notes

1.      NRC Report Jay Collins provided a brief overview of the approximately 12 page report to be included in the meeting.


2.      Talked through the Action Item list on papers 19 and 20 of the agenda.


a.      Discussion of need to spread action items currently on Mike Gothard's plate started with Item WG ISIO 99-01.

b.      Item WG ISIO 01-01. BC Item # provided 08-038. Ken Thomas beliefs it will pass SG this week and proceed to standards in August.

c.      It was stated that the desire is for all WG items to have BC numbers in C&S connect.

d.      Item WG ISIO 06-02 had general discussion. Ray Pace and Danny Cordes provided sketches two meetings ago. The desire is to discuss this with Ronnie Swain and pull him into WG ISI optimization.

e.      Item WG ISIO 07-02 at ISC. No action needed in the committee this meeting.

f.        Item WG ISIO 07-03 on hold pending other on-line ISI work (01-01). If 01-01 successful, then we should push 07-03 in August.

g.      Item WG ISIO 07-04 will be discussed with Ronnie Swain.

h.      Item WG ISIO 08-01 no action at ISIO at ISC.

i.        Item WG ISIO 08-03 was discussed with handout provided.

                          i.            The purpose of this item is to review a limitation imposed by 10CFR to require code language from 1989 due to removal of certain Cat B-D exams. The code requires nothing, the regulation requires either UT or enhanced visual exam.

                        ii.            The project lead (Mahindrakar) concluded that the code was correct in eliminating the examinations. It was moved that the action be closed with no additional action.

                      iii.            NRC member indicated that if there was an active degradation mechanism, the lack of indications over 25 years was not enough to indicate that the exams should not be required.

                       iv.            It was pointed out that the area is covered by VT-2.

                         v.            A white paper indicating that there was no active degradation methods for the area.

                       vi.            The motion carried with an abstention from the NRC rep.

                     vii.            Ken Thomas indicated he would report it out at Executive to put together a technical basis and send it forward to the NRC.

j.         Item WG ISIO 08-05 was discussed. When can you stop the exam of a non-integral support at the insulation? This item is looking at putting together a white paper to discuss. Roy Hall has action to develop the white paper.

k.      Item WG ISIO 08-06 was discussed. After initial confusion on what this item covered, and a vote to close the item. It was noted that the wrong action was presented initially. This item deals with the F1.40 notes with regards to examination of vessel supports. The specific issue is multiple supports of similar design for a single vessel design configuration. Roy Hall has action to develop wording to eliminate need to categorize vessel supports in note 1 and modify note 3 to address single vessel design. Initial presentation anticipated at the next meeting.

l.         Item WG ISIO 08-08 and Item WG ISIO 08-09 no action for this meeting. Work in progress.

m.    Item WG ISIO 08-11 will drop off the list because it's been closed.

n. Item WG ISIO 09-01 no action for this meeting. Work in progress.

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